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United Nations Communications


The United Nations System in Namibia comprises eleven resident agencies, including the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC). The United Nations in Namibia, in consultation with the Government, provides crucial support to the achievement of Namibia’s national development goals which also cover the broad areas of the MDGs. All agencies contribute to these goals through various support activities provided in their respective areas of expertise. One key aspect is to effectively communicate the work of the UN in Namibia to its partners, including the Government, civil society and development partners, both nationally and abroad. For the purpose of effective communication, a UN Communications Group (UNCG) has been established to promote and oversee common UN communication activities.

The UNCG is responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting on

communication-related joint activities of the UN in Namibia. The work involves

both internal and external communications:

Internal communications (within and amongst different UN entities working in Namibia, including regional and headquarter entities) External communications (with government, development partners, media and the wider public)
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