Ms.   Kiki   Gbeho   is   the   current   United   Nations   (UN)   Resident   Coordinator   and   United Nations   Development   Programme   (UNDP)      Resident   Representative   to   Namibia.   She hails   from   Ghana.   Prior   to   her   current   assignment,   Ms.   Gbeho   served   the   United Nations   for   over   20   years   in   various   complex   environments   including   in   Cambodia, Angola,     Iraq,     Sudan     and     Somalia.     She     also     served     at     the     United     Nations Headquarters   in   New   York   managing   United   Nations   Office   for   the   Coordination   of Humanitarian   Affairs    (OCHAs)    operations    in    East    and    Southern   Africa.    She    also headed   the   OCHA   Somalia   office   during   the   severe   drought   crises   in   the   Horn   of Africa and the 2011 Somalia famine.  Ms.   Gbeho’s   first   assignment   as   an   UN   official   in   Namibia   dates   back   to   1989   when she   served   as   an   electoral   officer   under   UNTAG   (United   Nations Transition Assistance Group)   in   Swakopmund.   Subsequently,   Ms.   Gbeho   also   served   in   Peace-keeping operations in Cambodia and Iraq. Between   1997   and   1998,   she   worked   as   an   assistant   to   the   Spokesperson   of   the United   Nation’s   mission   in   Iraq.   This   experience   proved   crucial   when   Ms.   Gbeho assumed   the   role   of   an   Information   Officer   in   Sudan   in   the   years   1998   –   2000   and   that of    a    Programme    Officer    in    World    Food    Programme    (WFP)    in    the    same    country between    2000    and    2002.    Ms.    Gbeho    has    extensive    experience    in    programme implementation   and   management   which   has   supported:   humanitarian   field   operations; the   design   of   strategic   planning;   documents   in   Sudan,   South   Sudan   and   Somalia; supported   the   return   and   reintegration   of   Eritrean   refugees   and   raised   significant resources for humanitarian action in the Horn of Africa.  Prior   to   joining   OCHA   Somalia   Ms.   Gbeho   worked   as   Head   of   the   Monitoring   and
Evaluation      Unit      within      the      Resident      and Humanitarian    Coordinators    Office    in    Sudan    and during   this   period   also   acted   as   the   Head   of   the Resident   Coordinators   Office   for   close   to   a   year, facilitating            the            Common            Country Assessment/United          Nations          Development Assistance    Framework    (CCA/UNDAF)    and    the Joint Assessment   Mission   (JAM)   review   for   Sudan. During   the   interim   period,   she   led   pilot   efforts   to strengthen   recovery   coordination   by   decentralizing coordination    to    State    level    while    shifting    from humanitarian to recovery/development. Ms.    Gbeho    holds    a    Bachelor    of   Arts    degree    in Social    Sciences    and    Africana    Studies    from    the State   University   of   New   York   at   Stony   Brook   and Masters   of   Arts   in   International   Relations   from   the University of Ghana, Legon.
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