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Established     and     in     operation     since     1992,     UNIC Windhoek   was   officially   opened   on   15   April   1996   by the    Honourable    Minister    of    Basic    Education    and Culture.   This   office   is   one   of   the   branch   offices   of   the United Nations Department of Public Information. UNIC    Windhoek    forms    part    of    the    network    of    63 United    Nations    Information    Centres    globally.    The Centre    is    key    to    the    Organization’s    objective    in reaching   people   worldwide   and   to   share   the   United Nations    story    in    their    language    of    preference.    The Centre,    works    in    coordination    with    the    UN    system, involves   media   and   educational   institutions,   engages in   partnerships   with   governments,   local   civil   society organizations    and    the    private    sector.    It    is    further tasked   to   maintain   libraries   and   electronic   information resources. UNIC    is    responsible    for    promoting    greater    public understanding    of    and    support    for    the    aims    and activities     of     the     UN.    This     is     done     primarily     by disseminating     information     on     the     work     of     the Organization    to    the    Namibian    people,    especially    in remote   areas.   The   Centre   is   the   principal   source   of information on the UN system in Namibia.



United Nations Information

Centre (UNIC)

UN HOUSE, 38 - 44 Stein Street P.O. Box 3444 Klein Windhoek Windhoek – Namibia Tel: +264 61 204 6143 E-mail: unic.windhoek@unic.org Website: windhoek.unic.org
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We are Mobile: UNIC Windhoek receives vehicle from FAO

Windhoek, 22 May 2017: In the spirit of ‘Delivering as One’ as the UN System in Namibia, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Namibia donated a Toyota Corolla to the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek. The vehicle was received by UNIC Windhoek staff on Monday, 22 May 2017 at a handover ceremony held at the United Nations House in Windhoek.
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Learners shine at 6th annual MUNNAM High School Conference

Seventy-five learners from across Namibia represented various countries as delegates throughout the 6th annual Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) High School Conference, held from 7-8 June 2017. Through experiencing real-life, problem solving approaches as applied at international conferences, the delegates were tasked with finding agreeable solutions to the two topics, “Harnessing the Green Economy to Eradicate Poverty” and “Improving Coordination in Humanitarian Reponses to Natural Disasters and other Emergencies.”
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