Prof.   Dr.   Quazi   Monirul   Islam   is   the   Representative   of   the   World Health    Organisation    Country    Office    in    Windhoek,    Namibia,    since March    2014.    Dr.    Islam    provides    WHO’s    strategic,    policy    and programmatic    guidance    towards    the    health    sector    of    Namibia. Together   with   his   team   and   along   with   health   development   partners, he   supports   the   Ministry   of   Health   and   Social   Services   in   its   reform agenda   to   strengthen   the   health   system   and   deliver   improved   health outcomes.   Prior   to   his   position   in   Namibia,   Dr.   Islam   has   gained extensive     work     experience     in     Asia.     He     was     Acting     WHO Representative   in   Thailand   from   December   2012   until   August   2013. From   Bangkok,   Dr.   Islam   moved   to   the   South   East   Asia   Regional Office   of   the   World   Health   Organisation   in   New   Delhi,   India.   In   India he    started    as    the    Director    of    the    Family    Health    and    Research Department    in    2010    and    took    up    the    duties    of    Acting    Deputy Regional   Director   in   2013   as   well   as   the   position   of   Director   for   the Health   System   and   Development   Department.   Dr.   Islam   is   a   public health   specialist   qualified   from   Dhaka   University,   Bangladesh   and received   a   Master   in   Public   Health   from   the   Amsterdam   University and   the   Royal   Tropical   Institute   in   the   Netherlands.   He   was   awarded the     title     Fellow     of     the     Royal     College     of     Obstetricians     and
Gynaecologists    (FRCOG)    by    the    Royal    College    of    Obstetric    and Gynaecology,   UK.   He   worked   in   a   rural   health   complex   in   Bangladesh before   going   to   Botswana   in   1981.   There   he   worked   for   ten   years   as   a Medical   Officer   in   District   Hospitals   as   Hospital   Superintendent   and   as a   Senior   District   Medical   Officer   responsible   for   all   Primary   Health   Care programmes.     He     joined     the     Ministry     of     Foreign    Affairs     in     the Netherlands   as   a   Public   Health   Consultant   advising   the   Ministry   on their   bilateral   and   multilateral   contributions   to   health   and   population- related   programmes   and   projects.   In   1992   Dr.   Islam   was   invited   to   join the   Global   Programme   on   AIDS   in   the   World   Health   Organization   in Geneva,   Switzerland   and   was   responsible   for   Sexually   Transmitted Diseases   programmes.   Thereafter   he   joined   the   Reproductive   Health Programme    as    Chief    of    Population    and    Family    Planning    Unit    and subsequently   as   Team   Coordinator   in   the   Reproductive   Health   and Research   Department.   In   2002,   he   was   appointed   as   Director   of   the Family   and   Community   Health   Department   in   the   WHO   Regional   Office for   South-East   Asia,   New   Delhi,   India,   which   included   Reproductive Health   and   Research,   Making   Pregnancy   Safer,   Child   and   Adolescent Health,    Nutrition,    Nursing    and    Midwifery,    Human    Resources    and Essential   Drugs   programme.   From   2005   until   2010,   Dr.   Islam   was   the Director   of   the   Geneva   based   WHO   Department   for   Safer   Pregnancy, responsible for maternal and new-born health.
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